Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Valentine's Day Spectrum

Happy Valentine's Day! I was at the store and saw a box of chocolates that had a dog's face ripping through it. The inscription read "Valentine's Day can be ruff..." I thought it was funny, and it reminded of many past Valentine's Days when I would dread the day, knowing there was nothing to look forward to (i.e. no cute guy singing me a song, bringing me flowers and/or chocolates, etc). So, for all of you who feel that way this year, enjoy this first song, Livin' It Up Today, and go indulge in your favorite treat or past time.

Livin' It Up Today
Composed & Recorded by: Jennie Bangerter Larsen
Vocals: April Meservy Guitar: Kristen Bromley Instrumentation: Jennie Bangerter Larsen

For those of you who have found someone to love and who loves you in return, enjoy the second song, Now and Forever in Love. I know I posted this song recently, but I added more tracks and harmonies. Hopefully you find it even more's kind of like love, the more you work at it, the better it gets!

Now and Forever in Love
Composer: Jennie Bangerter Larsen
Vocals & Instrumentation: Jennie Bangerter Larsen

Now, for some real sappiness...I was happily surprised to find out that my husband re-recorded the words to his proposal song (Because I Love You)! He, too, got ambitious and added harmonies (as well as a big smoocheroo) to the recording, and I LOVE it! I know that I said I wouldn't share too much sappiness so I wasn't going to include his words,'s Valentine's Day, and for some, that means it's a big fat sap fest! So, enjoy the sap! :)

Because I Love You
Composer: Shane Larsen
Vocals: Shane Larsen Piano: Jennie Bangerter Larsen

Happy Valentine's Day, wherever you're at on the spectrum!


toby and amy said...

that was awesome! thanks for sharing!!

Brad said...

Wonderful! I enjoyed them all.